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The Dynamic.Coupons solution offers multiple options to segment customers and to show them unique exclusive offers. Through targeted and more relevant coupons you can satisfy your customers’ desire to improve value for money, which will drive increased sales and better conversion. Take advantage of our technology and offer your customers relevant deals for products where you have a better margin.



We offer advertisers increased transparency. Never before has it been so easy to optimise a couponing strategy. With a better understanding of customers' needs and their use of coupons, we are able to target them with coupons that have the highest impact.
We constantly analyse and adjust the campaigns for maximum efficiency.


The Dynamic.Coupons enables you to personalise your couponing strategy and create value for your customers. Up-sell by designing scenarios based on customers' basket value. Push higher margin products by applying a cross-selling strategy. Acquire new customers by targeting them directly.
Utilise geolocation to win new markets, and much more.


We are the 1-1 partner when it comes to deploying a successful couponing strategy. Our team is trained in helping advertisers to achieve the best outcome with the Dynamic.Coupons.
We are helping thousands of partners worldwide to sell more online and are happy to share this expertise and design the most optimal couponing strategy for you.


The Dynamic.Coupons bring unprecedented opportunities. You never had so much control over your couponing strategy.


Increase average basket size by offering tailored incentives, when customers are adding extra items to the basket.


Improve profits by offering incentives for customers to add high margin products to the basket. Cut costs by cross-selling old inventory.​


Acquire new customers by offering specially targeted incentives for first time shoppers.​


Retain existing customers by offering unique benefits like free delivery, special deals or exclusive discounts.​


Differentiate offerings with city level targeting. Win new markets by offering location based promotions. Run special campaigns in selected cities.


The Dynamic.Coupons can target users based on what platform they use. Be it mobile, desktop, windows, IOS.


You are also able to determine when you want your discounts to be visible. Only between 9am and 2pm on Tuesdays and Fridays? No problem!


Select a preferred language and the Dynamic.Coupons will target users browsing in that language.

Easy to Implement

STEP 1. Define objectives

Before implementing the Dynamic Coupon you should define which objectives you wish to achieve.

E.g. Up-selling, Cross-selling, New users.

STEP 2. Implement snippet

Based on your objectives we will generate a snippet to be placed on the checkout page of your web-shop.

STEP 3. Setup tags

The snippet contains a set of tags that must be populated with the correct values. Use any tag manager to populate these tags.

STEP 4. Define scenarios and setup coupons

Last step is to define scenarios and generate coupons. We will provide you with recommendations for successful scenarios.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with our team at dynamic.solutions@global-savings-group.com

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