Take control of your discounts with the future of couponing.


The Dynamic.Coupons solution offers customers a personalised voucher based on the content of their shopping basket. This gives you unprecedented control over your discounting strategy. Ask shoppers to spend more to be eligible for a voucher, no more free discounts; offer different levels of price reduction for different product categories, protect your margin; A-B test between % and € value coupons, find out what works; or do a combination, the possibilities are truly endless!


What Our Customers Say

"We have successfully used Dynamic Coupons to up-sell to our latest models. Dynamic Coupons is a great tool as it helps protecting the Dyson brand."

"Dynamic Coupons are very attractive as they are not displayed to everyone and we have full control of what discount we display to which audiences."

"Dynamic Coupons are a real step forward for us, they allowed us to go from the "all-in" promo code to a totally customized CRM strategy, this way, we respond to the company's strategic challenges while further controlling our sales margin. "

Our Results

We’ve seen truly incredible results from our partners that implemented the Dynamic Coupon solution. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to provide you with detailed success cases.

up to 150 %
Increase in Total Order Value
up to %
Increase in Conversion Rate

Global Cosmetics and Beauty Brand

Leading global cosmetic and beauty brand with over €2bn in annual revenues approached GSG in order to optimize their coupon strategy in France. With a price-sensitive audience, coupons has always played an important role for their online business. However, they wanted to adapt in-store upselling methods to their online store and increase spending from their savvy shopper segment.

GSG recommended their Dynamic.Coupons solution to drive targeted coupon campaigns. The main objective of the campaign was to prove an incentive for customers to add an extra product to their basket. With the Dynamic.Coupons live, the Total Order Value increased by 190.46%. Conversion improved by 35.59%, and the number of Transactions shot through the roof at an increase of 219.9%.

Thanks to the Dynamic.Coupons, the retailer successfully improved ROI with their online coupon strategy, and is now looking to copy the success from the French market to the rest of Europe.

Key Results


Total Order Value Increase




Conversion Increase

French Fashion Retailer

One of France’s leading online retailers with over €800 million in annual revenues, approached GSG as they wanted to increase the Average Order Value (AOV) for their 20 million monthly visitors. Increased competition and more savvy shoppers looking for better deals, was resulting in lower AOV and reduced conversion.

GSG recommended up-selling through personalized, targeted coupons, which would in turn provide the customer with an incentive to spend more in exchange for greater savings.

The Dynamic Coupons generated an 83% uplift in AOV compared to regular coupons, significantly impacting revenue contribution from coupon users. Thanks to the Dynamic Coupon, the retailer successfully increased AOV and converted 22% more coupon users into high-value customers.

Key Results


Average basket uplift from Dynamic Coupons


Conversion Increase

International Florist

One of the world’s largest flower delivery networks with over 58.000 affiliated flower shops, approached GSG when they wanted to incentivise their customer to buy a larger bouquet of flowers when shopping online. With over 500.000 monthly visitors, the opportunity of up-selling customers to spend more was significant to their bottom line.

GSG recommended using tailored coupons designed to incentivise customers to buy a larger bouquet size in exchange for greater savings. Additionally, GSG’s Dynamic Solutions Team did an analysis of the advertiser’s webshop and found that a layout change in conjunction with the Dynamic.Coupons would drive improved results.

The Dynamic Coupon campaign was very successful with up to 29% of customers opting for a larger bouquet size. Since the launch of Dynamic.Coupons, conversion improved by 63%, resulting in a 115% increase in transactions. In addition, GSG is generating over double the Total Order Value today than they were before implementing the Dynamic.Coupons.

Key Results


Transaction Increase


Conversion Rate Increase


Total Order Value Increase


The Dynamic.Coupons bring unprecedented opportunities.
You never had so much control over your couponing strategy.


Increase average basket size by offering tailored incentives, when customers are adding extra items to the basket.


Improve profits by offering incentives for customers to add high margin products to the basket. Cut costs by cross-selling old inventory.​


Acquire new customers by offering specially targeted incentives for first time shoppers.​


Retain existing customers by offering unique benefits like free delivery, special deals or exclusive discounts.​


Differentiate offerings with city level targeting. Win new markets by offering location based promotions. Run special campaigns in selected cities.


The Dynamic.Coupons can target users based on what platform they use. Be it mobile, desktop, windows, IOS.


You are also able to determine when you want your discounts to be visible. Only between 9am and 2pm on Tuesdays and Fridays? No problem!


Select a preferred language and the Dynamic.Coupons will target users browsing in that language.

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Easy to Implement

STEP 1. Define objectives

Before implementing the Dynamic Coupon you should define which objectives you wish to achieve.

E.g. Up-selling, Cross-selling, New users.

STEP 2. Implement snippet

Based on your objectives we will generate a snippet to be placed on the checkout page of your web-shop.

STEP 3. Setup tags

The snippet contains a set of tags that must be populated with the correct values. Use any tag manager to populate these tags.

STEP 4. Define scenarios and setup coupons

Last step is to define scenarios and generate coupons. We will provide you with recommendations for successful scenarios.

Want to know more?

Get in touch with our team at dynamic.solutions@global-savings-group.com

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